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Performing regular preventive maintenance is one of the single best things that you can do as a car owner to keep your car happy, safe & dependable while saving money on costly repairs in the future.

However, not everyone really agrees on what preventive maintenance is.  Even more so the prices they charge can vary greatly.

Most auto dealers and garages have various ideas on what you should do, when you should do it and what is due next visit.

First off let’s clear that up, and give the ladies a fair chance and an easy education with some tips that’ll apply to any vehicle.

So, Come on in – Grab a cup of coffee -Buckle up  & let’s go for a ride.

Helping Women become knowledgeable, wise while keep their vehicle running safely & well maintained as recommended by the manufacturer is where we want to help.

Today a large majority are female drivers that are visiting these service stations and dealerships dreading worde than the dentist!! Let Rusty Nuts help take away some of that

Rusty Nuts will help you with that toothache!

No technical tongue twisting automotive terms (or maybe not too many : ), No fast auto talk, just easy to understand, common sense tips & guidance for the smart consumer that wants to be educated about their vehicles service needs.

You are about to learn what you need to know about your vehicles service, maintenance needs, new & used car automotive dealerships, and garages.

Rusty Nuts Garage – We get the wheel spinning – 

Where do you service your car or truck?

You’re one of the lucky ones if you know & have a meaningful relationship with your mechanic.

Many service garages want that quick buck and lack the relationship part.

I’ve been building relationships, educating both women & men about their vehicle’s service factory maintenance & recommendations needs for over 30 years.

From tires to paint care, check engine lights to filling your washer fluid.

I’ve ram state of the art shops with over 20 bays that had the latest cutting edge diagnostic equipment.

Trust me though, you pay for these perks, but are they worth it or needed?

But what does all that matter if you don’t have a good mechanic/technician you can TRUST that knows your car?

I’ve heard from my customers so many times when they bring their vehicle in for an oil change to their local hometown auto service.

They bring your vehicle in the shop with no windows & awhile later someone comes out you report to you a laundry list of items you need to replace & repair!!

“It doesn’t look good, your cars muffler bearing is loud & worn, I would recommend that you have it replace while you’re here for your oil change today.  We have the part, it’s only $298.32  & will get you out in an hour.  Sound Good?

The cost is hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.

“My vehicle was operating fine?” you think to your self.

What do you do?

1.) Do they make you feel unsafe about driving it & you blindly have the repairs done?

2.) Do you go for a second estimate?

Come, walk past the showroom filled with music, popcorn & shiny new cars open & the door that says EMPLOYEES ONLY in large red letters.
“The Garage”.

The new & used automotive service garage business is a dark multi billion dollar industry & they all want a pie of the pie by selling you service work.

Good garages will show you the repair needed.

Take you to the shop and show and tell.

Explain the repair process to you in normal layman’s terms and maybe give you a couple of possible options for the repair/parts.

Don’t get ripped off by paying to have an expensive part replaced when maybe it could have been repaired. Dealers are known for replacing the whole part as that is how it came from the manufacturer.

We will show you what you need to to be prepared for your next service visit.

So, come take a cruise with us.

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We are just starting our engines so… please stay tuned!